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Vacuum pipe lifter for handling pipes up to 25 tonnes

By replacing the traditional sling method with industry leading vacuum lift equipment in handling pipes we have significantly increased safety. We have removed risks such as working at heights, manual handling etc.

The vacuum lifting beam can be used in combination with a crane, an excavator or material handler.

The vacuum lifter is fitted with a heavy-duty rotator, which together with the lifting beam is suitable to lift pipes up to 25.000kg. The rotator is connected to the material handlers hydraulics for optimal rotation and control of pipes by the operator. The vacuum lifter has its own diesel engine to drive the vacuum pump and power the electrics. The remote control is wireless and is used to apply and remove vacuum on the pipe (lift and release pipe).

Hugh Simpson, the managing director said:” We introduced new lifting technique for this project and it has allowed us to improve safety significantly. We now use the vacuum pipe lifter and with it  we have removed the need for our operatives to work at heights and manual handling. Safety has always been in the forefront of our mind and I`m pleased that we have achieved another success. We also acquired new pipe carrier system for lorries and on ground storage at Georgemas. With these improvements I feel we  have made pipe handling as safe as it can be and I look forward to new projects and new challenges.”

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