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Discharging piles from MV Wilson Lista, Scrabster Harbour


SPI McGrattan

Project overview


Hugh Simpson (Contractors) Ltd unloaded piles from MV Wilson Lista at Scrabster harbour.

Wilson Lista is the first of two vessels delivering piles as part of this project. The vessel carried in total 90  tubular piles which were each between 24.4 and 27 m long and 1.016 to 1.32 m in diameter. One pile was lifted and transported at a time.  Once discharged from the vessel the pile was transported to a temporary storage area.

Another vessel with sheet piles is to arrive in due course. The sheet piles will come in bundles up to 10 piles in one bundle.

Our approach
Discharging piles with a 350T crane with slings and pipe shoes

Loading the pile onto a lorry and escorting the lorry to a storage area

Unloading the pile with 2 cranes and slings

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