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Unloading reefer ship Svartfoss, Scrabster Harbour


Eimskip Agency

Project overview


Hugh Simpson (Contractors) Ltd unloaded refrigerated cargo from Svartfoss at Scrabster harbour.

Hugh Simpson (Contractors) Ltd acted as stevedores in cooperation with  Sandisons shipping, which is the shipping agent that liaises with the customer, harbour authorities, ships crew and transport company.

We have been involved in unloading cargo on regular basis- almost every Tuesday a ship is being discharged at Scrabster Harbour. Svartfoss is a dual purpose ship and carries refrigerated cargo in shipping containers and on pallets.

Our approach

  • Containers are discharged by using ships crane or by a telescopic handler
  • Once the container is loaded onto the quay side, the shipping agent records the container number
  • Then the containers are loaded onto a lorry by telescopic handler or straddle carrier for onward transportation
  • Once all containers are discharged, a side door is opened to proceed with unloading palletised cargo
  • Ships personnel move the pallets onto the ships lift, that brings the pallets on quay level, where they are unloaded by a forklift
  • Palletised cargo is transported on a lorry with side curtains
  • Once the ship is discharged empty containers and pallets are loaded back onto the ship

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