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Unloading rail wagons with 18 and 27 m pipes, Georgemas


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Project overview

Pipes arrive at Georgemas by rail, where our team unloads them directly onto the lorry or onto the storage at site. Pipes are 18 and 27 m long with 1472  and 1253 mm outer diameter and each pipe weighs around 13 tons. The project will continue for 8 month and we expect to load and transport over 600 pipes.

The team uses 2 cranes to lift the pipes from the rail wagons.

We have introduced Dhatec pipe carrier system in both pipe transportation on trucks and on site storage. This system is completely safe and flexible to store and to transport pipes. It can be easily adjusted to different pipe diameters.

Our approach

  • Set up the cranes and position the truck
  • Install the pipe carrier system on the truck
  • 2 pipes are lifted in one lift and loaded onto the lorry
  • A thick rope is placed over the 2 pipes in 3 positions
  • A third pipe is loaded on top
  • The stack is then secured with nylon straps
  • The truck is escorted by 2 vehicles on route to the final destination at customer site.

Inese Rage, the HSEQ manager, said: “Due to the length of the vehicle and load the route had to be planned carefully,  in particular moving through the streets of Wick. The escort vehicles had to close the street for other vehicles. ”

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