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Transportation of 8 x 8 m steel structures


JGC Engineering and technical services Ltd.

Project overview

Hugh Simpson (Contractors) Ltd conducted the loading of steel units onto trailers at two JGC locations at T3 building in Janetstown and at Harpsdale Workshop and transporting them to Scrabster harbor. One of the units was 7.62 wide and 7.8 m high. The height of the trailer and load was over 8 m high.

The operations involved 3 police vehicles, 2 Hugh Simpson (Contractors) Ltd escort vehicles, 3 lorries, access equipment and a number of personnel undertaking spotters’ role.

Hugh Simpson, the managing director, said: “This was a very complex operation and involved a lot of planning. Due to the width and height of the units we had to consider overhead power lines throughout the route as well as pedestrians, vehicles parked along the route, lamp posts, traffic lights, street signs and narrow roads. We had contingency plans for any unplanned occurrence as there was no place for any delays or breakdowns and everything had to be carried out as detailed. We worked tirelessly to organize the logistics of the day. It’s great to have all come together to help reduce disruption for the local residents, making this a positive experience all round.”

Our approach

Due to the width of the units, which encroached onto the pedestrian pathways the operations started at 04:00 hours to reduce any risk to pedestrians.
The local police provided convoy.
In preparation to the transfer:

  • vehicles along the route were cleared
  • pedestrians controlled
  • overhead obstacles, traffic signs, lamp posts and trees removed
  • cones, barriers and signage placed
  • personnel and vehicles with warning beacons arranged
  • means and methods for communication established and
  • supervised traffic controls and diversions put in place.

The team used a 45 t crane and a low loader trailer truck to transport the units to the new Scrabster harbor jetty.

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