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Moving beams from Scrabster harbour


Grahams Construction Limited

Project overview


Hugh Simpson (Contractors) Ltd transported pre fabricated concrete beams from Scrabster harbour storage compound to the installation site.

The first visit of beam movement involved transporting 31 of the total of 76 beams that are  currently stored in a storage compound at Scrabster harbour.

Our approach

  • Beams were lifted in tandem lift (100 and 130T cranes) and loaded onto a lorry
  • One beam lifted and transported at a time
  • Beam movement in a convoy of 2 vehicles
  • A total of 4 runs each day were planned and carried out over the period of 4 days
  • Due to the total length of the trailer  including tractor unit, the load movement from Scrabster to the installation site was escorted by Police

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