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Lifting Seacat Intrepid for Seacat Services, Wick Harbour


Seacat Services Ltd.

Project overview

Hugh Simpson (Contractors) Ltd. lifted offshore support vessel Seacat Intrepid onto the quay in Wick and back into water as it needed some repair done. The vessel was lifted in tandem using 500 T and 350 T cranes, and wire and round slings (basket formation).

Our approach

  • Mobile cranes were positioned and set up. The booms were set to the desired lengths.
  • An exclusion area was created.
  • Laydown area for the vessel was installed on the quayside.
  • Lift supervisor carried out toolbox talk with all involved personnel and directed all personnel to their required locations.
  • Banksman guided the cranes over the vessel and slingers on the vessel guided the slings to go under the vessel.
  • Once connected the crane drivers  slowly raised the vessel and once ‘floating’ the banksman guided the cranes and lowered the vessel on to the laydown area on the quayside.
  • Once secure in position the quayside slingers release the lifting equipment, cranes were de- rigged and removed from site.

David Simpson, the appointed person, said: “The challenge was that we could not see what was under the water. We used basket formation sleeves for the lifting ropes to provide additional safety. ”

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